BJD, The Merlin

titu gor Merlin


Jag är så beroende av Ball jointed dolls. Speciellt de gjorda av porslin.

Om du inte vet vad bjd är. Kolla in här eller två video på Youtube Part 1 och Part 2!

Älskar det!!!

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The Merlin fullest include: The Merlin nude doll, face-up, outfit,wig,glass eyes;

Merlin’s body is boy body B-body-02 of DC BB series; nude Merlin is $249;the face-up is US$40.
Merlin’s skin color in picture is DC white skin, you can also choose DC yellow and DC pink skin as the same price as DC white skin.
Merlin’s outfit includes : dinosaurs shaped hat, chess shaped coat, underpants.
You can also choose the body make up for the doll, it will add US$50

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