Nåt dockar



Förutom bjd, det finns en massa andra japanska dockor.


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Here comes a posable plastic kit of Yotsuba with articulation points! Assemble her and pose her yourself!


5 types of pre-painted face parts and 2 types of unpainted face parts are included in the set. Also, various type of facial expression decal is included in the set and you can create your own Yotsuba’s face using them.
Griping hand, flat out hand, bubble maker (small) holding hand, bubble maker (big) holding hand and camera holding hands are there in the set. Sitting leg parts are included in the set as well.

Yotsuba’s favorite teddy bear Duralumin has been made into PVC posable figure. Shoulder bag which Duralumin can be stored into is there in the set. Big and small bubble makers and camera parts are also there for higher play value!

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